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What does this mean? This sign means that this page (and the whole site) is a valid HTML page, free from HTML errors. Do you want your pages to be read by different browsers without all those errors? We make your pages error-free.
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This sign means that this page (and the whole site) has valid Cascading Style Sheets. This feature is used with all text links you see. CSS has many features that will help your site look attractive, simple, and styled.
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This site has been checked for browser compatibility. This means that people who are using different browsers will still able to view this site without any major differences in appearance. How about the same browser compatibility for YOUR site?
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Bobby is a web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility by people with disabilities. This tool didn't detect any problems on our site. While creating a site, we think about its visitors and make sure that accessibility is not a problem.
Certified HTML Programmer
Certified Javascript Programmer
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