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What is your design concept anyway? Is it something not provided by other web design services?
I base my design on simplicity, and this is a different design concept. Take this site as an example, and think of this: simplicity means you'll spend less money on your company's site. Simplicity also allows the navigation of your site to be easier, quicker, and more quickly comprehended. Simplicity also allows for faster, easier upgrades that will keep up with the pace of your company's changes. Is that enough? You may find "simplicity" expressed differently from one of our sites to another, but it's the thread on which I base all of my web design efforts.
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How am I supposed to transfer my files to you? Where is your company based?
I do not have a location based in the States. Yet. The programmer and the designer, Alex Lysenkov, is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Unfortunately, I cannot scan your pictures and logos myself-- I am too far from your office (unless, you are in Frankfurt). I recommend you find a company in your area that offers scanning services, or if you have access to a scanner, you can send me the files yourself. It's up to you. Nevertheless, I am ready and able to create original graphics for your site, and can combine them with your scanned photographs as well. I have a professional photographer at my disposal on whom and I can rely absolutely. So I can also offer to take original photos for you that will be used only on your site (approved by you first, of course).
All your texts and contents can be transferred to me via e-mail. You can find my address here.
Your site will be done almost "in your presence"; you can peek at the progress of your site on-line. I will give you the URL, where your test-site can be accessed by you any time of the day or night. Needless to say, this URL will be known only to you and to me.
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What about terms? How long will it take you to create a site?
Well, it depends. I do need to sleep and eat. A site like this one would take as little as 2-3 days to design. All pictures here are originals, made with the simplest applications, and the contents of the site were known before I began.
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Will people be able to find my site on the Web? Will you register my site with popular Search Engines?
Of course. I provide this service because I care about the future of the sites I create. After all, it's also advertising for me. Your site will be registered with the major search engines including Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, HotBot, MSNsearch, AOLsearch, Infoseek, Excite-- and all for free. If this is not enough, I can register your site with more than 1000 search engines for a fee that is charged by the company that provides that service. Don't worry - you will be accessible from every corner of the planet.
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How am I supposed to pay you?
There are three payment options.
First, and the most desirable way, a money transfer into the account of a German bank. The account information you may get via e-mail to Alex.
Second, by transfering funds to a Visa Card account. The info is again at Alex's.
Third, you can send a check (certified mail or Express mail recommended). The problem is that mail is mail, and things happen. So, this is not always the securest method, but you can use it if it's more convinient for you.
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Why should I trust someone whom I cannot see?
Good question. I cannot see you either, yet I trust you! Just kidding. Until video conferencing catches on, the Web is a forum that doesn't allow people to really see each other in real time. Of course, I would prefer to work in closer contact with my clients, but actually, it wouldn't make such a big difference with your site's results. You may not see me, but you will be able to see the results of our work. Isn't that what you're looking for?
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How can a young man like you make a site for my company? You're just learning!
Life is a constant learning process. I am learning every day, and you are helping me do it. This is why my prices are so low, and why I exert my best efforts. If I was programming and design guru, not many businesses could afford my prices. Some of them charge $700-$1500 for one like you see here. I charge three-four times less than that, but the quality is just as good, or better. See the difference?
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