GAME: Drag Puzzle
The objective of the game is to drag the squares from one place to the other so they complete the whole picture.
Initially all squares are gathered on the left side of the playing field, unordered. Just drag'n'drop a square anywhere on the place marked on the screenshot as "drop here". First, it is a bit hard to find the exact place of the square on the field. However, there is "catching" mechanism - drop a square anywhere 4 pixels off its possible place, and it will "find" its place itself. The game is not that difficult to understand, though. Just try it out one time. I provide a screenshot, though, so you can see how it looks in the beginning:
The initial position and the direction where to move to.
After you dragged, all the squares from left-side to their places on the right side, the borders will disappear letting you see the whole picture.
Good luck!