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So, what are the sites for, what is it all about and why would a person need a site?
One can talk a lot about this topic. Here we decided to place links to the sites where you can read about this question, as well as some explanations taken from different online resources.
So what questions you may have?
What is a site? What is a homepage? If you have no problems with understanding what all this means, then you may have a question like:
what should I know to make a site myself? At least, HTML. You don't have to know the code itself, but you have to understand how it works.
There are different tools, which can help you in making your site, like WYSIWYG editors . If you want to know what kinds of programs are out there, which is the best one and why it is so, you may want to check out the Deja.com reviews. Start with Macromedia's Dreamweaver review and just follow the links.
You may also want to know where and how you could place your site, so other people on the Web could see it. Here is a list of links on this question:
www.freewebspace.net as another resource to help you choose a host;
www.tripod.com as a hosting service, which is really good;
www.angelfire.com is a brother site of Tripod, also good.
The site I would NOT recommend for the hosting is http://here.wigloo.com, as I had a trouble of hosting my very first site with them, and now they are making some changes for 2 months already, and do not reply to emails I've sent them.
{got bored reading? smile}
If you have read this article till the place, then probably you are really interested in having a site. Why? You, probably, know already. But anyway, here are several ideas:
--"I just want to boast off."
--"I want to tell about myself, family, friends."
--"My friend has a birthday. I think this would be a cool gift for her/him."
--"Actually, I am getting married. I thought, that it would be cool to have a place on the Web, where my guests could see our preparations and all the stuff that they may need (directions, list of gifts we are dreaming of, etc.)."
--"I want to sell stuff."
--"I want to tell about my area. It is a really great place."
--"I am starting out a business, and was thinking about web presence."
... and just anything else, that could drop into your head. My first site was about possibilities of getting a diploma in my country for the foreign students. It turned out to be quite helpful, actually. Anyway, it depends just on you and your fantasy. If you are interested in what we may offer you in this area - explore the Concept session. It may interest you.
We also provide here some really useful and great links. Just a bit about everything. Check the Links section and make the Web a pleasure for yourslef.