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···This site is going to be completely changed in the next 2 days. Come back to check it out!
···New author - Egor Voinov - is demonstrating his photo masterpieces at ART section. »»»
···New script at TECH section - a simple Word Generator, easy to play with. »»»

···New buttons_banners to exchange links with me. »»»

[This site is just a showroom. A showroom of several young men - designers, programmers, photographers. To view this site (and this is one of those drawbacks) you should have Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+ (the latter, though, may behave buggy). For even better experience use either high resolution or full screen view.
Also you should have the following things in you browser enabled: Javascript, style sheets, pictures, playing animations. If you see the zeros playing, then at least Javascript and style sheets are ok with you.]
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